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. fighting an epidemic of murder. what can chicago learn from newark? a tale of two cities. and the legendary tuskegee airmen. the wind beneath the wings of a new generation of flyers. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama doesn't often show his anger in public but he did today. as oil continues to flow out of control into the gulf of mexico, the president blasted the company's responsible. he said "the system failed and it failed badly." chip reid is our chief white house correspondent and, chip, the president certainly didn't pull any punches today. >> reporter: that's right, katie. after being briefed by his senior advisors on the failed efforts to stop that leak, he came out to the rose garden and left little doubt that he is deeply frustrated and angry. >> i do not appreciate what i considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter. executives of b.p., transocean and halliburton falling over each other to point t
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and solicitor general and elena qaeda and appeared together in chicago on monday. elena kagan appeared together in chicago on monday. >> what do you say when introducing this man? everything interesting has been said. quite frankly, everything not interesting has been said too. so i will be brief. john paul stevens was born and raised in hyde park. he attended the university of chicago. he attended the 1932 world series, which the cubs lost. in fact, no one in this room was alive when the cubs on one of their last world series. john paul stevens attended college in chicago, law school in chicago, practiced in chicago, and served for five years on the the seventh circuit. even after he was dragged off to washington in 1935, -- in 1975, he remained in service to chicago. this year, he read -- this year, he became the first justice to turn and 90 while in service. the other was oliver wendell holmes. [applause] his predecessor's aura louis brandeis and william o. douglas -- were louis brandeis and william o. douglas. you may have read about him in the past couple of weeks. i give you justice steve
position to get someone to back out of a race. republicans will say it is the chicago politics he promised not to do. >> rahm emanuel is from chicago. both involved in this. we will watch to see how it plays out. >> thanks for having me. >> a memorial day ceremony is planned -- planned for tomorrow at arlington national cemetery. they will honor servicemen and women who died while -- while serving their country. it is open to the public. it starts at 10:30 tomorrow morning. president obama will participate in a memorial day ceremony in chicago. vice president joe biden will lay the reif in arlington cemetery. the sixth annual national memorial day parade will travel around constitution avenue from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. the u.s. naval academy marching band will honor service members as well as some celebrity guests including chuck norris. for a list of activities around the area, go to our web site and enter the key word memorial day. the man accused of trying to set off a bomb in times square is better to be in court this week. tuesday will be his second court appearance. 11 other
students from all around our country, including from the secretary arne duncan's hometown of chicago, where participation in the washington, d.c. reitz program, and through the tutoring and mentoring of our 0- -- d.c. reads program and through the tutoring and mentoring of our students, and it through the choice that many of our students have three made through teach for america. we remain to -- committed to confronting the pressing issues. the united states secretary of education comes from a family of educators. his late father was a professor at the university of chicago. his mother has run a south side triggering program for inner- city children since 1961 -- tutoring program for inner-city students since 1961. he helped fund a college education for a class of inner- city children under the i have a dream program. he was part of the team that started a new public elementary school built around the financial literacy curriculum. it ranks among the top elementary schools in chicago today. for a 2001 to 2008 -- from 2001- 2008, he was the head of the chicago public schools. during his tenu
with a look at what is happening outside. clear skies overhead. look at chicago and the showers and storms exploding in to northern illinois. if you are flying through chicago, i can almost guarantee there will be delays in there. as for us, high pressure built in behind a front that brought northwesterly winds and many areas in the 40s and manassas and frederick in the 40. 61 national. 53 ocean city in case you are going to the beach later on. a great afternoon. plenty of sunshine. real nice with highs 75 to 80. code yellow moderate air quality. it is 4:30 an a kentucky morning. >>> i'm with you on that one. beach or bust. no problem frederick to the split. keeping things going, move over to 495 in maryland and show you things are good between 95 and 270. inner loop is checking out fine, as well. as we take you to 66 eastbound. looks like we are incident free moving from manassas to centreville over to inside the beltway. speaking of the beltway, look at the maps if we can. construction at 123, 236 little river and also approaching 95. that will be clearing shortly in the next half hour.
coming through missouri, iowa, heading to chicago, madison and milwaukee. for us clouds increasing and showers will be arriving later this afternoon. we're at 49. look at the 30s to the north and east. cumberland, williamsport, a chilly morning. to the south and west, lexington and roanoke in the 50s. 40s in some some spots. salisbury 37. we're at 49. looking at the day at a glance. showers developing this afternoon and a little sun early. highs between 55 and 60. what happened to may? here's angie. >> don't ask me. i don't do the weather but i can tell you the traffic is okay. in surprises here. just construction we wake up to every morning. on the inner loop you can not access it from the dulles toll road or route 7 because of standing construction and some at 236 little river. all of this should be clearing in the next 30 minutes or so. so far so good past the caries area. they are taking a nap. moving to the outer loop, everything is okay. inner loop is okay, as well. back to the maps 95 and bw parkway, we will get there construction free early on. construction free to the belt
was in an astonishingly friend just after the election and started going to chicago as often as i could which meant weekends and of little bits of time here and there and i never attempted renting a full-blown book while editing a magazine and it just became more and more interesting to read the more i spoke to these old acquaintances with the harvard law school, chicago, hawaii, all of the optus spots. >> you do much to fill in i don't want to say blanks but to fill in space is because he's told us his own story but you learn much more in researching this book. did you find was difficult to get people to open up and talk about this? it's one thing that acquaintances have been very guarded with the story. >> i didn't find it -- once you get into the political class into the area of people running campaigns and have resentments or vendettas or reason to stay quiet it becomes a tricky transaction and the word on background and okayed the quotes and all that kind of washington new york stuff comes into place but going to chicago to community organizers particularly women who work with him in communiti
on today. overall pretty warm and dry in many areas. chicago, 88 today. cleanland, ohio, warm, 84. tampa, near 90. but the clouds will linger in philadelphia. thomas, tropical season is only about a week away and we already have something to watch off the coast. >>> thank you, bill. the u.s. talks global economy with china, the price at the pump falls, and how some diehard michael jackson fans plan to mark the anniversary of his death. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus shrek scares it up at the box office, but not as expected. >>> the lakers get cinched by solar flairs and lima time comes to an end. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." i'm thomas roberts, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. jamaica declared a state of emergency after shooting and fire bomb attacks on police stations by suspected supporters of an allegeded drug lord who faces extradition to the u.s. at least one policeman was injured. streets leaded to the poor neighborhood were barricaded on sunday in defiance from a call from the g
they got caught on the highside of the barrell didn't have." university of illinois at chicago marketing professor david khoeler is tracking the united story--believes the turnaround happened through layoffs, reducing routes, union concessions and hiring of glenn tilton in sept of 2002. "and i think it's easier when you bring in someone from the outside that can make the hard choices because there is no allegence there and obviously he's the toast of the town now." as tilton, the ceo and president of united, drinks in the spotlight with continentals chairman, president and ceo jeff smisek. khoeler gives creedance to united employees. "the employees really pushed the thing over the edge. they were willing to make the concessions that allowed them to gain the flexibility and liquidity to get out of the hole and second of all make an accqsuition." iinvestors have also been on board.united stock has soared from $3 to a high of $23 over the past year. with the stock doubling as the economy improved and united positioned for a merger. passengers question whether the company's air fares will al
-i-t chicago kent college of law and he recently won first place in web techonology in the university of san francisco's international business plan competition. his winning online business: the lawyer connects consumers with lawyers. it was created after he realized consumers are often charged $200-- just to consult with an attorney. that's when he uttered the 7 words typically said at the begining of most business ventures. "there's got to be a better way." at lawyer consumers click through questions on subject matters ranging from divorce to renters right-- for free. then, pay a flat fee for the legal service. that idea was born out of a book komaiko co-authored on lawyers in china. "they don't have bill-a-ble hours at all. everything is a flat fee. you go into the lawyers office, tell them about the situation and then he says alright i will do it for 5,000 dollars." the lawyers on this website-- pay ko-mike-o and his team $30--- only if they get a case. 5 to 10 cases a day--which if you go to a lawyer and say when's the last time you got 5 to 10 a day they will sa
i've of what written a book. . . >> whether it was at harvard law school, chicago, hawaii, all the obvious spots. >> when you were -- did you do much to fill in -- i don't want to say blanks, but to fill in spaces in his own book because he's told us his own story. but you learn much more in researching this book. did you find that it was difficult to get people to open up and talk to you about this? >> no, not really. >> one of the things that many of his friends and acquaintances have been very guarded with his story. >> i didn't find -- once you get into the political class, once you get into the area of people running campaigns and have resentments or vendettas or reason to stay quiet it's a trickier transaction, the word on background and okay to quote and all that washington/new york stuff comes into play. but going to chicago and talking to former mates and community organizers and women who worked with him -- there was no hesitation at all. it was fun. that's the kind of reporting i like best and the whole transaction off the record, on the record and all the gradations
and several hotels from chicago to los angeles. the union station in kansas city missouri is the host of this talk it's about 50 minutes. >> this is the whirlwind two days of the national archives last night and we are here in this building i must say i have spent a lot of time the last six years in my brain in writing about the history of said harvey while he himself lived in leavenworth and the harvey company was spread from its peak from cleveland all the way to california in the second floor of kansas city union station was the absolute hobaugh fred harvey business. everything they saw about america that they took to people was for the kansas city view and before this business in the depot so i've spent a lot of time in your town in my brain the last few years. the easiest way for me to get you into the book and the idea of what we want to do at the fred harvey story would be if you have a moment for a to read from the beginning of the book who the hell is fred harvey? on that spring night in 1882a drunken tallboys riding through northern mexico could have been forgiven for squint
offices, there's a large sense. he shows up in chicago. even though it's given him many things, chicago doesn't immediately throw open his arms. hey, any office that you like. you want to be the mayor? it's yours. there was no way, the guy he would have run against and waited to leave, he's still in the office now. and he ran and his actions of running for -- acts of running for acts of impiety. he ran for the state senate thanks to allowed alice to try to run for congress. she lost in that and ran back and tried to get back and wanted obama to step aside. obama wouldn't do it. when obama got her thrown off of the ballot when she tried to get signatures to get him thrown off. the republican side might have been be -- it's not going to go any. he ran against former black panther and very popular, maybe not the greatest but popular, bobby rush. and he was defeated soundly, not only because bobby's son had been -- was killed in an act of violence on the street a couple of weeks after the race and his father died and the community was sympathetic. also because he didn't have the roots that
. >> 90 in miami. and 80s from atlanta to new york. 60s in detroit and chicago. and 59 in the twin cities. 59 in bills. 58 in seattle. hot across the south. phoenix will hit 90. dallas, 29. and new orleans 87. >>> ahead this morning, a new study on things all around us, increasing our risk of getting cancer. >>> remember freddie mac and fannie mae? one is asking for billions more in taxpayer aid. >>> and say what? george stephanopoulos gets quite an answer from iran's president. have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm. they got three kinds of flakes. this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great. the magic's in the mix. the first and only body moisturizer with an spf this high. its nutrients match the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture, matched. day after day, allergy season drags on. oh, how many days are you going to suffer? nasonex is the only prescription that's proven to help prevent most seasonal nasal allergy symptoms, inclu
to be 60s in seattle and the pacific northwest and parts of the rockies. 74 in omaha. 66 in chicago. 61 in detroit. 50s and wet in new york and baltimore. and 80s from dallas to miami. >>> they are stubby, snorty, and snugly as can be and they all gathered in one place to sfrut their stuff. >> we're not talking about vinita's class reunion. we're talking about the more than 1,200 pugs and owners who turned out at the annual milwaukee pugfest. billed as the largest festival of its kind. are these really pugs? we did one of these stories and it wasn't pugs we were showing. these are pugs, right? >> you know better than i. >> the events included costume contests, races, even a blessing of the pugs. >> all the hoopla was not just for show, proceeds go to pug rescue groups across the country. i always feel dogs dressed up is abuse. they don't like that. >> squished-in face, they're cutie pies. unlike the people at your class reunion. >> okay, enough of my class reunion. we'll be right back. >>> a 23-year-old delaware man will be arraigned on academic fraud charges today in massachusetts. ada
and a northeasterly wind at nine miles an hour. the next thing we will watch. you see the action here chicago and points west, the front arrives tomorrow afternoon and evening. we will see strong storms tomorrow afternoon again. the weekend we clear out dry and comfortable very nice for the events going on and more rain and showers on late monday and tuesday. >>> here's angie. >>> okay. the big picture across the region. we are okay but still going to be dealing with this situation northwest dc police week until saturday. where indiana avenue will remain closed between 5th and 7th. outside the beltway if we look at 50 westbound. we have been keeping an eye on in the last hour or so. approaching rout 8 is where we have an accident. getting by to the right. delays are stretching right before south piney road and taking the drivers here 20 minutes to get past that accident scene. it is smooth sailing once you cross the bridge to make your way past annapolis and bowie. next stop 866 eastbound. we are slow from 7100 the fairfax county parkway to nutley. this is 270 and right now we are building vo
violence in america's third largest city. police in chicago are investigating murder and murder. now it is turning to guns. details are coming next. plus, what's going on here exactly? and why isn't anybody stopping this? "the fox report" serving up some tasty knuckle sandwiches coming up. since arthur's been eating purina one, he has blossomed... into an incredibly strong, healthy cat. his coat is incredibly shiny and soft and very thick. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? could be an easily treatable condition
professor in chicago, critical of the process, the confirmation hearings, saying that the nominee owes it to the public, to the senators, to answer questions directly and that the senators quite honestly owe it to the american people and the process to ask specific and directed questions that really we need to know more about the nominee. what do you think? will those words come back to haunt or help her during the confirmation hearing? >> she's going to hear that article over and over again, i can guarantee it. it's like the wise latina comment, a very brief comment in a speech by justice sotomayor became the center piece for all of the questions asked of her later. i think the same thing will be true when it comes to solicitor general kagan. that particular article is one that reflects some of the frustration of sitting on the side of the table and asking straight forward questions and being told, well i can't give you an answer because then i'd be suggesting how i would rule from the bench. so there was a frustration reflected in that and elena kagan is going to have to strike the r
in the line of duty, president obama is in chicago, participating part of the memorial day event at abraham lincoln national cemetery, outside of chicago. this has garn ared a little controversy. some veterans groups and critics are saying the president should be the one that lays the wreath at arlington national cemetery later today. instead, vice president joe biden will precede over ceremonies at the tomb of the unknown. supporters say it doesn't matter where he par 'tis tates if an event honoring the dead, as long as he participates. >> we are here to remember those prisoners of war, missing in action, you have to remember this, they are still veterans, no country, no government, no citizen, no president has the right to abandon that. >> my brother was over in vietnam. i'm a vietnam vet. i know the hurt it caused my mother. she died with pain in her heart for losing her son. >> the people were hole lettering "get me here." someone has to show up and take care of them. >> reporter: the folks who participate if rolling thunder every year, they say this is a demonstration, not a parade to
. and let's get right to the trading floor and join chris gersch, chicago capital management. chris, the dow dropped about a thousand points on thursday. climbing back up and erasing half of those losses. do you see the panic selling continuing at all? i think that panic selling is gonna be nothing like it was yesterday with that citibank trade that supposedly went awry. and with all the rights and greece. and of course we have huge news pieces like that. you're not gonna see that kind of selling. but you will see a large movement to the upside if this morning we get a good jobs report. people are looking to the u.s. to really be the strong one. to be the place to invest. with all the european issues and european banks being over leveraged in the european currency. you're going to see people dump their money into the u.s. market and especially the bond market. ok, so if we do get a positive jobs number on friday, then you're looking for a bounce back, is that right? i am looking for bounceback because where is there to go besides the u.s.? there is a lot of issues in the european union right
, but it will rain on and off and be cloudy or cooler. areas like chicago will be about 67 degrees with showers. watch out for those early-morning thunderstorms in atlanta. possible airport delays maybe early in the day, i could not tell should clear out. and look at this, beautiful up there in mid-atlantic to new england. florida's going to be hot. we're going to see very warm conditions, the warmest in a long time there in dallas at 94, san antonio 92. and even denver's going to be enjoyable at 78. the mountainous areas are going to be nice and warm, too. 62 up there into billings. so, ohio valley, tennessee valley are the only areas that need the umbrella today. everyone else, maybe you can get away with short sleeves later this afternoon. there's a look at your friday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. columbus, ohio, one of those spots that will have a chance of thunderstorms. that will also include areas like indianapolis, up through detroit. chicago, chance of showers for you, as we mentioned. down through kentucky and tennessee, just a slight risk of a few s
to find 1 million mentors. the beating death of chicago teen darian albert. investigators say he was caught in a deadly street fight last year. >> initially, we were going to go to chicago. maybe see the family, donate some money. but we knew the problem they had in chicago. with the kids committing suicide. homicides. gangs. >> but he isn't doing it alone. he's partnering with dozens of local community groups to find mentors and children who need them. >> boy scouts, hundreds of black men. these organizations have been being successful with these kids for years without any funding. >> baltimore is the 54th stop on the tour. basin has 19 more cities to go. and he plans to do it all with humor. >> it's working. >> it's a great combination of information and entertainment. and that's what people want. >> and they do what works. basin says so far, thousands ever people nationwide have signed up to mentor teens and children. he also plans to match $350,000 for every dollar raised tonight. >> lots of kids and lots of mentors needed. thank you, gigi. his tour will end in new york, wher
in chicago. even 89 in d.c. the cool air is in the rockies. we've got some of those storm this morning here over oklahoma and showers and even a few storms heading in for southern ohio. so the jet stream which had been doing a huge dip in the west coast is doing a more zonal flow, pretty much heading west to east in a strain line. there's not as many dips and curves. that's going to allow the cool air to move through the great lakes and into new england. you can see those thunderstorms this morning. all those white flashes. those are the active lightning strikes in the last hour. oklahoma city, storms are going to wake you up this morning, also some of the storms heading down interstate 35. nothing too severe but a lot of lightning. you'll hear that thunder. in wisconsin, we have showers, storms in green bay, heading into the upper peninsula of michigan. overall nothing too bad on this memorial day. middle of the country, isolated storms. watch out for the wet weather. pittsburgh through the southeast with your typical afternoon storms. that's a look at your memorial day forecast. now here'
kicking through kansas city and oklahoma city, chicago, i'd expect a lot of airport delays with a lot of this rain. so here's how the forecast looks. the east coast, you're just fine. it's a chill yo morning in new england. the afternoon looks good. the southeast is still nice and calm. it's from kansas city, really, through st. louis, chicago, minneapolis that all the weather troubles will be. the mountainous areas look like they'll be okay today. a little cool but ought least it ee not snowing in denver. that's a look at your thursday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. after a chilly start in new york city, we'll find warm up at least a little bit. 65 degrees. look at how toasty it will be in charlotte. 89. orlando, near 90. if you're near the theme parks, you'll want to stay cool. a little rain today in kansas city. well, thomas, we're going to continue to watch this rainy pattern in the middle of the country. we'll giving you the next update in a little bit. >> thanks so much. stocks jump, gold shines, and what's in a name? well, a lot if u you don't w
is basically nominate himself to the court. the same kind of background, the chicago of -- university of chicago, harvard law school. is there something to that? >> i think there is. to look at the other people that we thought were the finalists, the people he interviewed. if he want add safer choice it probably would have been garland, the federal judge here in washington. there were two more liberal choices, simons from montana and diane wood ward of chicago. he did choose more of a centrist. gwen: he e-- we know how you're spending your summer and we know how juliet is spending hers. president obama stemmed into the rose garden today to issue his own harsh scolding off the oil spoil. the companies involved are at fault he said but so is the federal government. >> for too long, for a decade or more, there's been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill. permits were too often issued based on little than -- more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. that cannot and will not happen anymore. gwen: oil is still pouring i
today. we should show disdude a dirty floor. he's thinking sweep. up 2-1. chicago strikes. dave bolton, puck behind the net, throats it past nabokov. third period now, still tied at two, chicago on the power plane. cane from the corner passes to dustin. check it out. deflects it in. chicago down, san jose, 4-2, advancing to stanley cup finals p last won 47 years ago. >> should have been the caps. >> we'll be back. >>> paying tribute to the king of pop. everyone looking like they're having a blast as they dance to "beat it". united nations june 25th, one year anniversary. we promises the oreo competition. this is a $1 competition. you have a minute to win it. >> a men? >> go! >> a minute to win it. >> i have a dollar and a quarter. chuck has the lead here. pick it back up, try again. >> try again? >> how much time? >> chuck, you're doing well. >> gripping television here. >> you can't use your tongue to suck the cookie in from your eye. impress everybody. that is impressive. hakim wins it. >> sports department, competitive. >> you're in the wrong line of work, my friend. that's it. that
downtown chicago and he's facing charges today. >>> and a father becomes a hero, the amazing rescue story caught on tape. >> and take another live look outside this noon and stick around, your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this is your first picture. that's mommy. and this... this--that's for someone who can't wait to see you. we just press this little button. click on facebook and grammy's e-mail. and plug it in. and right now you're taking her breath away. the real kodak moment happens when you share. the new share button on our cameras makes it simple. >>> a young boy survived a plane crash in libya today. charlie d'agata has more. >> reporter: the plane left a trail of destruction when it crash landed killing 103 on board. everyone, expect this young dutch boy was the sole survivor. he was taken to a hospital and he underwent surgery for broken bones. his boy's doctor's says his feet are fractured and everything is good. officials are trying to verify his identity. the search teams sifted through the wreckage of the airways. they selected passp
is a "chicago tribune" columnist. first up, getting ready for the supreme court fight to come. the president's looking at that short list but is he thinking of throwing long? and what are the republicans having in mind? how tough is this going to be? president obama has anticipated this day ever since the time of his candidacy. here he was at a town hall in 2008 speaking in tennis terms. >> i will probably have some supreme court appointments. should i end up being president. i mean, we've got -- and the oldest member of the supreme court are also some of the most liberal and progressive ones. so we're going to have to make sure that we -- at the very least hold serve. chris: hold serve. any democrat with a court vacancy on the left would want very much to keep the seat inherited. some republicans are gearing up anyway. listen. >> this is an opportunity to change the direction of the court. i know a lot of folks will play this you have to replace a liberal with a liberal. that's not the idea. this is between a court that's going to focus on the rule of law and working that way or an activist
over kansas, southern iowa, northern portions of missouri, and heading for chicago, and right through much of northern illinois. this is the stormy area today and a lot of wet weather will head up through wisconsin and milwaukee and through the southern portion of the great lakes. you can see kansas city,ive thunderstorms, a line of storms in between davenport and peoria this morning. chicago is going to be very wet and stormy. could have significant delays in o'hare today. east coast, beautiful. all the way down to florida and should be nice from san antonio to dallas and cool in the rockies. that's a look at the friday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. atlanta, georgia, banner day today, 89 degrees, low humidity, should be government nashville, tennessee, still drying out from those miserable floosd. 89 today. dallas, 84. lynn, of course, sunday, mother's day, that forecast is coming up. >> all right, bill. thank you. >>> well, we'll tell you which companies staggered through the worst losses yesterday and how the asian markets did in the wake of yester
to d.c. beautiful from chicago to minneapolis. new england looks cool but at least it should be mostly sunny. lot of areas are going to be right around 70 degrees. now into saturday we start to warm up a little more in new england. we're still gorgeous here from chicago to minneapolis. not a lot changes. we're going to see a pretty quiet period here saturday evening to sunday. a lot of cities from the rockies will be okay. a little storm system will kick through. looks like minneapolis, a chance of showers. kansas city and chicago more clouds on sunday but overall the forecast looks good for many areas this memorial day weekend. if you're watching us on wesh, news in orlando, no destination is too far for a child's imagination. help them travel by train, plane, or space shuttle. at all aboard at the orlando science center. that's your "early today" event of the day. >> that was good. were you a conductor in an earlier life? >> i wanteded to be. i didn't quite make it. >> that was good. >> now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. at the box office this holi
. and to contribute a estimated two trillion dollars to the economy. at recent workshop in chicago, some people are learning how to find a franchise said. brought raise at is going to a career change. and he decided he would like to become the franchise owner of of window cleaning service. i thought was of the business model. it recruits business. restaurants neat windows clean weekly. did he think he would hope to capitalize on cleaning up? never, my background is stopped spotty. jerry moriarty is a franchise and to man. he was brought in by score chicago to run the workshop. before the end of business, the biggest mistake. they need to know that it's a good business and for them. as a franchise and now attorney, because steel is there to inform the group on how franchise honors felt an understanding the fine print. such as one of the corporation wants, the franchise owner we must do. case in point, burger king cheeseburger for but campaign. compete with mcdonald's. the offer a double cheeseburger for dollar. at the reduced rate, of all franchise owners were losing money. there were lose consi
the church talks about is living together, cohabitating. >> reporter: these young catholic couples in chicago are attending a marriage preparation workshop required by their church. >> and this is always such a hard topic to talk about because the church teaches, you know, wait to have sex until you're married, right? teaching, half these couples may already be living together. >> no guilt about your decision? >> no, it never really came into play for me. >> we're both artists. we just don't have -- we can't support ourselves on our own. >> it's important to get to know the person as well as you can before you get married. >> the priest didn't say anything bad. they didn't ever say that we shouldn't be living together. there was no condemnation. >> reporter: sex outside of marriage, divorce, homosexuality. for many catholics, these no longer carry the stigma they once did. catholics disagree with their church on a variety of other issues. the vast majority of catholics say women should be priests. and according to a recent survey, 58% said they think abortion should be a personal decision. th
there are certain signs that happen or what ever. i remember my husband and i were flying to chicago because we were going to break in the play we wrote in chicago. hal prince was directing and so forth. on the plane, i just talked to carrie and said, give me a sign that you are going to be a little angel on my shoulder. so we got to the hotel, checked in, went into the room, and there was a huge array of birds of paradise from hal prince, saying welcome to the rehearsal tomorrow. that was carrie's favorite flower. she even had one tattooed on her shoulder. and i asked hal, and he said he just asked them to send that something exotic from the flower shop. then we went out to dinner with him the next night, to a lovely restaurant in chicago that had just opened up. the major became up and said i would like to present this bottle of champagne to you. we looked at the label, and on the label was the name luis. -- it was the name louise. that was my mother's name and carrie's middle name. so every once in awhile i will just have a carrie moment, and i will just since her being. that person is always wit
. new york, rain, at 52. miami, 86. chicago mostly cloudy at 53. denver, some rain at 44. los angeles, cloudy and 72. >>> time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clear skies in the west coast, southwest and parts of the southeast. most of the northern half of the country will see cloudy skies. and the rockies and plains will also see clouds. now, later today, rain stretches back through the northern plains, and the mid-mississippi valley. there's a slight chance of severe weather. the northeast and mid-atlantic will also see rain. so it will be sunny in the southeast. california looks nice from top to bottom, with mostly sunny skies. and snow is possible in the rockies. >>> in sports, boston is just one step away from eliminating cleveland from the nba playoffs. the celtics handed the cavs their worst-ever home playoff loss 120-88. boston leads the series three games to two. game six will be in boston thursday. the series winner will play the orlando magic in the eastern conference final. >>> in baseball, a ground ball in the 13th inning turne
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